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The adidas' World Cup font

Soviet vibe

The adidas' World Cup font Soviet vibe

Last week adidas released all the jerseys for the upcoming World Cup in Russia. All the shirts have a pretty vintage and retrò inspiration for the design, citing the iconic jerseys from the '90s and '80s. One of the detail that football shirt fanatict like us love and that makes a jersey unique is the font used on his back, and for the Russian World Cup seems to have choosen an unexpected gem.

Used for all adidas teams, from Argentina and Colombia to Germany and Spain, the 2018 Adidas World Cup font has a very distinct look. Heavily inspired by traditional Soviet imagery, it has a certain rawness and cutout style to it. It doesn't include any sort of roundness and only features 90 degree angles. Finally, a thin line runs through the center of the numerals.