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5 GIFs from the football weekend - e03

Golden moments on the european pitches

5 GIFs from the football weekend - e03 Golden moments on the european pitches

So another football weekend is gone, without any notable news: Juventus dominated the derby della Mole against Turin, Milik turned his ACL again and Milan is back to be the half-ranking-boring-Milan. Even in the rest of Europe there wasn't any news to talk about, just that the PSG's President tried to offer one million of euros to Edinson Cavani to convince him to give up penalties in Neymar's favor, he declined (and we are all with him).
But let's pass to our things (GIFS!) and let's check the golden moments of this football weekend.


1. Pep Guardiola mentalizing a ball boy


Pep officially reached that stage of tactic madness where ball boys must have a sense of the position. After the game he explained

If there was a foul, no-one went to take the ball and start to play. There was five, ten seconds before someone goes to take the ball and start to play. When this happens everything is slow. So the ball boys were slow, everybody was slow. And we have to create in the game, to provoke the game. 


2. Goal of the week


Many people are arguing about the gap between top teams and the weak teams in Serie A: well cheer yourself up watching some Eredivisie and its puncture-proof defenses. By the way, even if the name is hard to pronounce take a note of the PSV player that did the slalom among the Utrecht defenses: he's called Steven Charles Bergwijn and he's 19 years old.


3. Try to emulate the American way of stadiums


They tried it in Marseille, but they failed. The O.M. decided to let a supporter do the kickoff of the match, but he could not resist: he took the ball, scored a goal, and celebrated it with class.


4. Do you remember me?


The nightmare of every Serie A's commentator: Lazaros Christodoulopoulos. He is now back in Greece at AEK Athen, and he scored goals like this one.


5. Joga Bonito by Douglas Costa


Saturday night during the awful derby della Mole Douglas Costa bullied Lorenzo De Silvestri like this.


See you next week!