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The Legend of Hoodie Melo

The story of how one the brightest talent of the NBA is finding himself again thanks to a hoodie

The Legend of Hoodie Melo The story of how one the brightest talent of the NBA is finding himself again thanks to a hoodie

Carmelo Anthony is one of those super talented players of the NBA that lost his spark during the journey. This summer was particularly rough for the kid born in Brooklyn: the Knicks decided to trade him and the only team interested was Houston, the trade seems granted but it never actually happened. So in the meantime, Melo is training by himself with the help revered NBA trainer Chris Brickley, and - as many players in the NBA do -he is posting a lot of videos of his practices on the socials. Melo's game appeared more fluid, is body seems more tonic and he is always wearing an hoodie.

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Un post condiviso da Chris Brickley (@cbrickley603) in data:

Once the hoodie comes on, Anthony takes his game to an entirely different level in the way he mercilessly destroys the players defending him. As a superhero that wears a costume he seems unstoppable and - more important than the rest - he changes his expression switching the soft and sneaky smile that always has always drawn criticism to become his strong doppelganger: Hoodie Melo.

The best description of the new NBA's character was created by his friend and former player at the Knicks, JR Smith, that being asked which version of Melo he prefers, he said:

Hoodie Melo doesnt play with a conscience. Regular Melo has a guard up, both great but I like hoodie Melo.

In addition, his offseason coach Chris Brickley commented the Hoodie Melo in an Instagram post.

All the phenomenon was hyped by the social networks. On reddit, some user asked if NBA 2k is preparing the alter ego of Carmelo Anthony, with of course a better rating than the original one. Another user asked Nike if they could customize Melo's jersey for the next season. Talking seriously, the all hoodie story is positive for Anthony that in the last years has lost the sympathy of many fans, this could be an occasion to change the narrative among his character and a fresh start to one of the brightest talents in the American basketball. The last video of Hoodie Melo jumps off two days ago: he was playing a pickup game with the MVP of the season Russel Westbrook and Enes Kanter. Guess of completely dominated the game? Yes, the guy with the hoodie.