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All you need to know about the 3v3 basketball tournament, founded by Ice Cube and Jeff Kwatinetz

BIG 3 All you need to know about the 3v3 basketball tournament, founded by Ice Cube and Jeff Kwatinetz

It had to happen. Sooner or later, it had to happen, and now the day has come. There’s no other place in the world where someone could’ve thought something like that. The BIG3 Tournament is literally something never happened before, and there are people who have fainted hearing the news. It the concept of a street tournament that we’ve talked about in the Conrad “McNasty” McRae’s story, at EBC Rucker Park, on TV, and in the buildings in all America.


The rapper and actor Ice Cube, together with Jeff Kwatinetz, founded a particular league, that breathes the atmosphere of the world basketball’s Mecca, it would be the New York one, and in fact, the first games have been played at Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY. Eight teams with five players and a coach, only one basket in a quarter of a regular game field, and only who reaches 30 points with a 2 point lead can win. There's no ejection for a foul limit, but every team has a bonus that, once reached, will lead the opponents to shoot two and gain possession. There are games every week for 10 weeks until the final that will be played in Vegas.

The most interesting thing about this tournament, though, are the players and the coaches, formed by former NBA legends:


3’s Company:

This is one of the teams under the spotlight because Allen “The Answer” Iverson is back. We’ve talked so much about him, and he’s perfect to interpret this tournament, even if he has retired a few years ago. With him, there’s the beautiful story of Dermarr Johnson, back to life after a catastrophic crash with his Mercedes-Benz S600 back in 2002. And there’s “Kobe Stopper”, who should've stopped Kobe Bryant during the 2000 NBA Conference Finals, but then he had some (resolved) issues with the law.


Allen Iverson (captain and coach)

Dermarr Johnson (co-captain)

Andre Owens

Mike Sweetney

Ruben Patterson


3 Headed Monsters:

One of them doesn’t have name and surname on his jersey, but his nickname: “White Chocolate”. We’re talking about Jason Williams, and about his fingertips talent that we’ve told you before in his history. And then, there’s the boy from Louisiana, which won the NBA ring with LeBron James in 2013. But the interesting things about this team are the aphrodisiac visions of Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, that will wake up even Kwame Brown, former first pick in the 2001 NBA Draft.

Gary Payton (coach)

Rashard Lewis (captain)

Jason Williams (co-captain)

Kwame Brown

Eddie Basden

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf


Ball Hogs:

The fact that the coach was someone who used to give a nickname to everybody in every team he has coached, should make you think. Rick Barry is a famous son and the brother of that white man that couldn't jump, but that won the Slam Dunk Contest back in ’96. This could probably be the most underrated team, that could have its payback, dropping many people’s jaws.


Rick Barry (coach)

Brian Scalabrine (captain)

Josh Childress (co-captain)

Derrick Byars

Rasual Butler

Dominic McGuire


Ghost Ballers: 

The electric knight Ricky Davis, operated by remote control by Mike Bibby’s basketball intelligence, led by the man who invented the Finger Roll, George Gervin.

George Gervin (coach)

Mike Bibby (captain)

Ricky Davis (co-captain)

Mo Evans

Marcus Banks

Ivan Johnson


Killer 3s:

If there’s Charles “The Big Nasty” Oakley that coaches, there’s no chance for anyone. I dare you to give a gun to any of them, maybe just Brian Cook that is a good guy. This is the team with the biggest playground attitude of all.

Charles Oakley (player and coach)

Stephen Jackson (captain)

Reggie Evans

Larry Hughes

Brian Cook



The ones that bark for real, and not only because there’s the Junk Yard Dog on the team, but also because the all five of them have the right aggressiveness that can be used to win this tournament.

Clyde Drexler (coach)

Corey Maggette (captain)

Cuttino Mobley (co-captain)

Jerome Williams

DeShawn Stevenson

Moochie Norris



Quickly analyzing the roster, we can notice the one that smashed all the NBA baskets during his career, Kenyon Martin. And then, there are Al Harrington and McCants, always ready to do their duty. And to these ones you have to add the winning former Bad Boy of the Detroit Pistons, Rick Mahorn.


Rick Mahorn (coach)

Kenyon Martin: (captain)

Al Harrington (co-captain)

Rashad McCants

James White

Dion Glover



The legend Julius “The Doctor” Erving that tries to make a team made by assistants like Bonzi Wells, Jermaine O’Neal, and Lee Nailon. Mike James could be the X-Factor of this team.

Julius Erving (coach)

Jermaine O'Neal (captain)

Bonzi Wells (co-captain)

Xavier Silas

Lee Nailon

Mike James


Which one will prevail?