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All the football inspirations behind Gosha Rubchinskiy SS18 collection

From the David Beckham era to Charlie Hunnam in Hooligans

All the football inspirations behind Gosha Rubchinskiy SS18 collection From the David Beckham era to Charlie Hunnam in Hooligans

If there was a single message Gosha would send during the presentation of his SS18 collection, this was about the importance of Saint Petersburg in the modernization and Westernization of Russia. Among all the elements that seem to tell this, there was, of course, the location – the place of the first Russian rave ever – until the main inspiration of the day, the rave culture, that started in St. Petersburg to arrive all over the country.

But St. P was also the main channel through the other big Gosha inspiration arrived in Russia: football. It was, in fact, thanks to the British ambassadors in St. P that football started in the country, and then the UK football was always the first one Russians look at.

It was like that also Gosha. Behind his garment of the SS18 collection there is a lot of England and Premier League, but not only. Thanks to the partnership with Burberry, Gosha also gave birth to some pieces that, if mixed with football, are linked with the Terrace Culture of the firsts 90s in the UK. We then tried to identify all the main football inspiration behind this Rubchinskiy collection.


David Beckham era

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All the football pieces of the collection are realized in partnership with adidas. It is however impossible to take a look at 90s UK football without end talking about Umbro. The Diamond was the main actor of the English league before the arrival of adidas or Nike. Among the most iconic jersey, there is the one realized by Umbro for the Manchester United of the David Beckham – who Gosha also pays homage in the choice of the model – and the 92 class.


adidas Equipment

Collaborating with football brand also means to have access to a great archive. Gosha did it, also serve himself with the adidas Equipment (here in the Liverpool jersey of 1993) in particular for the choice of materials and the collar.


adidas jacket

The “Tracksuit Mafia” was, for many years before the arrival of Grime, something that made you think of Russia. Around it, there are then linked the aesthetics of the two countries, that Gosha took for the realization of the typical adidas jacket.



The iconic movie with Charlie Hunnam and Elijah Wood – that in its original version goes under the name of Green Streets – contributed to give a face to the hooligans and terrace culture generations of the 90s. It was not a case in fact that Gosha chooses Charlie Hunnam as a “model”  for the characterization of his collabo with Burberry, proposing outfit (that in the movie is market Stone Island) and haircut.