Once archived the 2016-17 Liga Santander season - ended with CR7 and Zizou Zidane’s victory with Real Madrid - it’s already time to look at the future. It’s particularly interesting Athletic Bilbao’s one, not only from a sports and transfer market point of view but from the style and merchandising one. Yesterday, in fact, the new deal between the Basque club and New Balance has become official as, even if it was signed several months ago, it has become effective at the end of the football season. For the next six years, Athletic will be supplied by the Boston-based brand, that replaces Nike.


The partnership could begin right away with a European adventure because if Barcelona will win the Copa del Re, the last spot for the Europa League qualifications will belong to the Basques. In any case, Athletic will benefit from a better deal, economically and commercial speaking, and it’s already preparing future strategies with New Balance to increase the club’s appeal in the world. At the same time, New Balance adds an important club to its roster, that can already count on Sevilla, Porto, Liverpool - which has properly celebrated its 125th birthday and the return to the Champions League - and Celtic.

Athletic Bilbao signs with New Balance The new deal will last for six years and replace the one previously signed with Nike | Image 0

The official announcement came through New Balance and Athletic Bilbao’s social networks and, as it’s said in the club press release, further news will be announced soon, which should include the new kit and the renewed store inside San Mamés.