The 2001-02 Champions League final was played at Hampden Park in Glasgow, the night of May 15. Exactly 15 years ago, so, one of the most iconic goals in modern football history was scored, maybe the most broadcasted on tv and social media, alongside with Diego Maradona’s race against England.

Of course, we’re talking about Zinedine Zidane’s screamer, scored in the 45th minute, that put Real Madrid ahead, a goal worth of the ninth Champions League won by the Merengues, after the infamous “Decima curse”, broken by Carletto Ancelotti. Long ball, Roberto Carlos’ cross with his superb left foot, and volley by the French under the crossbar, where the poor Butt stood no chance. 


Now Zidane is awaited by another Champions League final, against Juventus, but nss sports wanted to remember that unbelievable technical gesture, which signed a generation of replays and slow motions all around the world. Hoping - for Juventus fans - that his players won’t be able to replicate it during the next final in Cardiff.