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The origin of Nike Air More Uptempo

Where does come from the most chatted sneaker of the last year?

The origin of Nike Air More Uptempo Where does come from the most chatted sneaker of the last year?

The one between Supreme and Nike Air More Uptempo is probably the most awaited collaboration of the year, especially from sneakerheads. The two brands, in fact, were able to create an enormous hype around the release, with little systemic spoilers, as in the same Supreme nature.A few days ago we could state officially the thing: the “Suptempo” will be out on April 27th in the European and USA online store. 

It is interesting to analyze the way in which the two brands decide to communicate the issue and, above all, the choice of the “testimonials” for the preview of the sneakers (in particular the golden one). First Neymar then Derrick Jones Dr during the Slam Dunk Contest. Two characters of the sports’ world and in some ways strangers to the fashion system. And it was the right choice because permitted to the shoes to come back to its roots, giving the release a meaning that could go beyond the mere hype. Also, this permitted Nike to release two news colorway of the Uptempo, the “Triple White” and the “Bordeaux”. But, now that all the world is ready to wore again the Uptempo, it is interesting to remember the particular history of the sneakers, that is strongly connected to the NBA world. 


We’re in fact in the middle of the Jordan-Era when the Invincibles of Chicago become the favorite team of America and its player the most beloved and popular. In we exclude Horace Grant and John Paxson, all the Bulls starting fives have got Nike sneakers, and so it was for all the six title they get. And even if they weren’t proper signature shoes, the More Uptempo soon became Scottie Pippen’s - Michael Jordan’s right arm and Bulls’ legend - sneakers.

The More Uptempo was, in many ways, a revolutionary sneaker. Its silhouette is due to Wilson Smith’s will to show globally the new Air technology, applied for the first time to the entire shoe. From that started the idea of the giant lettering, inspired by Andy Warhol and Keith Haring’s Pop Art, a perfect synthesis of the Nineties. As Smith once said: “I believe that the Nineties were a unique time”. And so, Smith tried to copy that uniqueness in a shoe that had a visual and practical impact. For its nature, in fact, the More Uptempo was perfect for jumps and even more for the fall back down.


Back in 1996, Scottie Pippen was probably at the apex of his career. All the years passed without Jordan (occupied with his MLB experience) solidified his leadership and improved some aspects of his game. Also on a media level, Scottie was in his prime-time: he took part to an ER show and he became on of the faces of the NBA. After the Finals against Seattle, it was time for the Olympics.


It’s an unmissable chance for all the brands: the Dream Team comes home, in the US, for the first time since 1992. Both Jordan and Pippen are part of the team, alongside with Shaquille O’Neal, the strength that wore the famous Shaqnosis. Nike, then, bet all on Scottie Pippen, appointing him with the More Uptempo and building an entire campaign around him for the “Olympic”, the most iconic Uptempo of all time, color with the American colors.


The next year, the More leaves space to the Uptempo III, in the swirling stylistic evolution of the Nineties. Those same years that now are back and that Supreme and Nike decided to homage with a sneaker that influenced the history of sports. It will be interesting to see if the “Suptempo” will be worn on the parquets of it will be only worn as a “design” item, idolized and venerated by all the sneakerheads in the world.