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The financial market bet on Juventus

Since the past game against Barcelona, the Turin club experienced a 16% increase

The financial market bet on Juventus Since the past game against Barcelona, the Turin club experienced a 16% increase

It is known that football is no longer limited to the performance of teams in the field. Some of the biggest football teams, such as Juventus, have taken for years a parallel path on the stock market, as risky as important. On the eve of the return match between Barcelona and Juventus, previous to the semi-final of the Champions League, the stock bianconero has experienced a substantial increase, mainly thanks to the confidence the bookmakers have in the club from Turin.

Every listed company has its own capitalization: Juventus, quoted at the Piazza Affari, has been experiencing great confidence from the investors for a week now who thanks to the 3-0 blow to the blaugrana strongly believe in the bianconeri passing to the next round.

It seems unthinkable but it is this way: there is a direct correlation between the club's sports achievements and their stock market capitalization. While last week Juventus had a total score of around € 503 million before the match against Barcelona, a few days after its success at the Stadium, the stock flew, bringing the Turin club to a capitalization of € 565 million*. The stock has experienced an increase of almost 16%, and it does not need to stop there necessarily, especially if, as the bookmakers believe, Juventus will land in the semi-finals.

Having said that, the game is still to be played: Massimiliano Allegri presented a press conference calm and full of energy, aware that even a positive result in the Camp Nou match would not mean the Champions League conquest. Juventus will have to make a careful game, trying to score and maintain the usual defensive solidity. On the other side, Luis Enrique has been trying to leverage the clamorous overturn that has allowed Barcelona to perform a comeback against PSG in the previous round: it will not be easy for Messi and his teammates, although in football everything is possible, as it has already been demonstrated in more than one occasion. The only thing left is to wait until tonight to see if the Juventus stock will continue its acceleration or will be under severe braking.


* Milan was rated € 520 million, while Inter was valued at € 620 million. Both companies from Milan are not listed on the stock exchange.