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Dress Like Marcello Lippi

The coach from Viareggio turns 69 today. Have a look at his coaching wardrobe.

Dress Like Marcello Lippi The coach from Viareggio turns 69 today. Have a look at his coaching wardrobe.

There are at least two schools of thought about what a football coach should wear on the bench. Even three, if we consider Football Manager. The first one thinks about the coach as a natural continuation of his team, as a member of the team. That kind of coach wears the sweater. The maximum expression of this model is Maurizio Sarri, who didn't renounce his sweater either at the Santiago Bernabeu.
On the other hand, we can find Pep Guardiola (and also Roberto Mancini). The model coach, who always care to his outfit and who think carefully about his stylistic choices.
There is no right or wrong choice, just two different ways to intend the same thing.

There is then the third way, that considers an alternation among the first two types, choosing one of them differently for each moment, game or careers period. Here we can find Jose Mourinho or also Antonio Conte, but, above all, Marcello Lippi.

Today he turns 70 years, and he his in the middle of his biggest and most challenging adventure: make the Chinese football great.  But Lippi is an icon of the 90s Italian football, and of its aesthetics. For this reason, we looked into his wardrobe in order to find some pieces that could fit in 2017.

Cesena EQT

The first Serie A experience as a coach for Marcello Lippi was in Cesena. Those years, the team used to wear adidas kits, with some jacket that recalls the ones produced by adidas EQT in the recent years.


Naples House of Holland

Umbro made, of course, the history of football. However, in the last years, the brand lost some of its football appeals, starting to make great collaboration in the streetwear. It is the case of the collabo with Patta or House of Holland. In particular the latest, which has found in the incredible Umbro archive inspiration for its jacket.

Kappa 2017

The most relevant comeback of the last two years has been, without any doubt, Kappa. The brand was able to evaluate its enormous stylistic heritage, with the on-point collection as Kappa Kontroll or the Gosha one. Marcello Lippi in his career won a lot of trophies with Juventus, that was one of the best team of the Kappa portfolio. Some pieces, as you can see from the pictures below look very similar.