Some months ago it was really chatted the sponsorship agreement between Chelsea and Nike, both for the enormous amount of the operation and because the del among the Blues and adidas was not over yet. This fact lead to a big fee of 67 million £, paid by the same Nike.

Now is time for a big news: according to FootyHeadlines in fact Arsenal will be ready to sign a huge sponsorship deal with adidas, of 90 millions £ per season, three times what Puma is now paying the Gunners. If the operations will be confirmed, Arsenal will become the most paid club in Premier League, more than Chelsea and Manchester United.

Arsenal is ready to sign a huge sponsorship deal with adidas   If the agree will be confirmed, Gunners will become the most payed club in Premier League  | Image 0

If the appeal of Arsenal name is unchanged, it is not the case of the faith in their sportive results. For this reason it seems that adidas will offer Arsenal a 2-years deal, and then further evaluate the club results. Overall, this is a strong move, that could shock the labile equilibrium in Premier League.

The one among adidas and Arsenal is not a first marriage. During the 90s in fact, the three stripes made kits for 8 years for the Gunners, producing some of the most iconic jersey in the club history.