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Young Manor

Hypebeast took us into the Swaggy P's house and brand (and closet)

Young Manor Hypebeast took us into the Swaggy P's house and brand (and closet)

At least once in life, we asked ourselves how and when NBA player can spend all their monthly wage. Hypebeast gave us one of the many possible answers to our doubt, involving Los Angeles Lakers’ talent Nick Young. Swaggy P, that’s his nickname, opened his house’s doors for the “Visit Series” column, produced by Hypebeast. The results, ca va sans dire, is made by expensive cars and a long line of worldwide renowned fashion brands.

Last year it wasn’t a great season for Lakers’ guard that, also because of his complicated relationship with coach Byron Scott, watched his teammates from the bench more than once. As it wasn’t enough, Young was also involved in many gossips about the end of his relationship with Iggy Azalea and, as usual, Los Angeles’ tabloids went quite hard on the matter. 

While Swaggy P’s favorite brands are Fear of  God, a brand that’s rising in the last few years, Saint Laurent, Virgil Abloh’s OFF-WHITE and Supreme, he admitted to having launched his own fashion brand called Most Hated. As Nick himself explains, the brand’s name was born because of his negative moment last summer, when LA’s guard was living an extremely negative period, feeling like one of the league’s “Most Hated”. But now it’s time to take a look at the Young House!

Ps: it’s pointless to underline the presence of a shoe rack full of custom Jordans, Vans and - of course - Yeezys.