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A day at St. James' Park

Nss sports attended a Newcastle game in one of the biggest and most fascinating stadiums in football

A day at St. James' Park Nss sports attended a Newcastle game in one of the biggest and most fascinating stadiums in football

English football is a world full of magic, perceptible only by whom has lived it at least once. That’s because football is lived as an all-around experience, way more than 90 minutes. Nss sports had the privilege to attend a Newcastle game at St. James’ Park, one of the most glorious - even if relegated to Championship - and one of the biggest stadiums in England. 


The experience, once arrived at Newcastle train station, branches out towards all the streets that - in about ten minutes - leads us to Magpies’ home. Arrived near St. James’ Park, pubs and bars start to fill up, streets are full of supporters with black and white shirt - but also red and white, colors of Bristol City - and in the air you can breathe the typical atmosphere of English football, inebriating. A small Chinatown, situated on Stowell Street, contrasts with pubs and fast foods on Saint Andrew Street and Gallowgate. The sight is all on the massive structure that dominates all the surroundings. With 52,338 seats, Newcastle’s stadium is the seventh biggest in Englands, after giants like the Emirates, Old Trafford and the brand new Olympic Stadium in London.


Getting closer to the game, after an obligate stop at Magpies’ shop, the atmosphere becomes even more lively and - once grabbed a couple of Match Programs - enter in the stadium is a breathtaking experience. St. James’ Park has everything you can desire from an English stadium, with the bizarre characteristic of having two biggest stands and two considerably smallest ones. Photographies can’t possibly do justice to the sight from the fourth row of the stadium. As usual, supporters fill up the standings in the last five minutes before the game and the glance is astonishing. It could even be a Championship game - and also not an important one - but the stadium is sold out and a few hours later the club will reach the millionth supporters of the season attending a home game. Unbelievable. 

The game itself has not many things to share with our Serie B, and even with many Serie A games. Newcastle goes down 2-0 and then completes the comeback, with a final 2-2 draw, with all the goals scored under our nose. For those who aren’t satisfied yet, there’s still time for a pint of beer in the pub, with Premier League or Six Nations’ highlights. As we were saying, way more than 90 minutes of a game.