It won’t surprise anybody if, in few years, Sutton’s story will become the perfect subject for a money like Moneyball. The are all the assets: a little village, geographically close to the capital of the Reign, but so distant culturally; a small league, where you can win the games more with physical power than with talent; a small audience but very in love with their team; a typical English stadium, with Spartan changing room very distant from the luxury rooms of the Premier, the richest league in Europe

And then there is their manager, Paul Doswell, who train the club for free and rather paying in order to train them, paying for the grass and bringing the team till the legendary third round of the FA Cup, where they meet the Arsenal and all the interest from the media.

But Sutton FC born many decades ago, it born from the love of their people, from the sense of community that were able to create around a small team that has now the ambition to become great for real.

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