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Footballers with animals

Your new favorite Twitter account

Footballers with animals  Your new favorite Twitter account

The relationship between animals and the soccer players is an obsession that goes for a long time on. Maybe this is due to the strange crasis created by seeing a player so distant from his/ “natural environment”, something that in part is also worth for the animal. By the way the match is practically perfect. From more than two years the Twitter account “footballers with animals” daily feeds this niche obsession, with the most absurd images on the web. 
There are the dogs of Alexis Sanchez, who became real stars in London. Or different photos of the Italian National Team during the World Cup in Souht Africa, with giraffes and lions. And still dolphins, parrots, snakes and every type of animal it come to your mind. 

To want to find a pattern we could say that while the contemporary players generally come portraits with domestic animals, but when we return back in the time we discovered very singular things, like the goat that accompanied the entry of the players of the Benfica during the European Cup in 1962. We selected some of the most beautiful photos of what promises to become also your next passion.