It is simply passion, devotion and desire to win. It is to simply be yourself. The exultation of Antonio Conte, that crazy run, shaken and frantic toward the fan. The hug to the fans after the goal that meant the win of Premier League. A run to the final victory, a run started six months ago, among someone that twisted the nose for the arrival of the Italian coach and who wanted to chase him from London after the defeats against Liverpool and Arsenal.

The Life of Antonio Conte  Once conquered London, the Italian coach wants to take the world  | Image 0

Everything is changed within half season. From those two defeats the Blues never lose again, he succeeded in making calm down Diego Costa and now half Premier League is already in pocket. That run, that exultation means more than a gol, more than a victory, it means to show to be different from the others, to be able of to come out everything from the players and from the team. A magic, that of Conte. While everything where waited for the two teams of Manchester of Guardiola and Mourinho, Conte waited, he reasoned and when has been the right time he struck and has taken the first place of the championship thanks to a run made of passion, devotion and desire to win.