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Alternative guide to the Super Bowl

What to watch, what to buy and what to do during the sporting most important event of the year

Alternative guide to the Super Bowl  What to watch, what to buy and what to do during the sporting most important event of the year

Next Sunday there will be the last act of one of the most followed and entertaining league, this year’s Super Bowl will be a clash between Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots, lead by Tom Brady. For this reason, nss sports decided to give you an alternative guide made by stories, curiosities, and some backstage for what’s considered the most important NFL game of the year.

The 51th Super Bowl will be played in Houston’s NRG Stadium, in Texas, where in 2004 the New England Patriots got to conquer the championship beating the Carolina Panthers. That match’s MVP was, it goes without saying it, Tom Brady.

Besides the fantastic atmosphere lived during the match, both in and outside the stadium, most of the fans get to the emotional peak during halftime, when major music stars perform with their hits. This year will be Lady Gaga’s turn, who sang last year’s national anthem before the match, moving all the fans.



Being one of the most followed events in the world, the millions fans of the NFL enjoy the all-around atmosphere before and after the game. As everything, there’s a bummer: most passionate supporters may have to pay unbelievable amounts, considering that a ticket for the NRG Stadium started by 3,5K$ to reach almost 20K$, without food and beverages. Empty stadium? Not a chance, sold out.

Merchandising is cool (Part I) 

As known, Americans are the best people to sell something unsellable: for the occasion, there have been many gadgets launched on the market which gathered fans’ attentions. We decided to let you see some of those, choosing between the funniest and most useful ones.


When commercials are cool

“Bummer those commercials!” is one of the typical expressions of every supporters when a commercial is launched on tv in a crucial moment of the game. For the Super Bowl, though, it’s quite the opposite. This year’s broadcaster managed to sell every 30-second spots for commercials, reaching a 5M$ income. Here are some of the best commercials you’ll see on Sunday.

Party Time

For four days in a row, America stops to celebrate the most important sports event of the year. From Thursday to Sunday there will be many parties, with some of the best artists of the world. From EA SPORTS Bowl to the Official Super Bowl Party “Planet New Year”, stepping by ESPN Party. Among the many artist that will perform in Houston, there are DJ Khaled, Fergie, 2 Chainz, Snoop Dogg and Solange Knowels. The last one will be “The Players Party”, where the game is going to be shown.

If you're going to be in Houston, here's a list of parties to attend!


Merchandising is cool (Part II)

Besides gadgets destined to supporters, in the last few months, the NFL players themselves brought back an old trend: the customization of the boots. It can appear silly, but almost every NFL superstar is choosing to give their shoes to true artists like Eric Dorsey, Troy Cole and Dan Gamache.



Out of competition: Gisele Bündchen

The female image of this 51st Super Bowl couldn't be anyone else than Gisele Bündchen, top model and Tom Brady’s wife. Next to Gisele, Tom was able to reach six finals, winning four of them. Recently, his wife gave him a necklace that he promised to wear for the final. Will New England Patriots’ number 12 be able to win his fifth championship at an age of 39?

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