"Los Millionarios" are one of the most beloved and winning teams not only in the history of Argentina, but of the whole football world. The greatest champions have passed from here, that only to try to name few would be useless. El Monumental, the house stadium, is an imposing construction, that scares whoever must play inside it. The worth of everything this is, to a large extent, of its fans. Carlos Alberto Soria, photographer of the collective Los Media Studios has followed them in a recent tour in America, immortalizing the best moments of the supporters. We publish some of his shots and one note that he sent us.

River Plate's fans unique passion  This photos of Carlos Alberto Soria shows some of the best supporters in the world   | Image 0

"From January 15 through January 21, Club Atletico River Plate participated in the 2017 edition of the Florida Cup in Orlando, Florida. Invited as the only Argentine club for the “Playoff Tournament”, the Buenos Aires-based institution was welcomed by hundreds of fans. Some fans traveled thousands of miles to support the team, crossing various states by car and plane. “Filiales” (Tifosi) from Buenos Aires, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Miami, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Orlando greeted the team with pure passion and color. River Plate fans astonished the organizers of the event, as they were not accustomed to the noise and intensity of the “hinchada” (tifosi). The dedication of the fans to follow the club everywhere it goes is nothing new. In December 2015, over 20,000 River Plate fans travelled to Japan to support the team during the 2015 Club World Cup tournament. Club Atletico River Plate is Argentina’s most tournament winning club, holding over 65 titles in both domestic and international competitions"

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