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A day with Gonzalo Higuaín

Nss sports followed the presentation of the new Nike Hypervenom 3 along with the Argentinian striker

A day with Gonzalo Higuaín Nss sports followed the presentation of the new Nike Hypervenom 3 along with the Argentinian striker
Stefano Carloni

Gonzalo Higuaín’s last months have been stormy, with the transfer to Juventus which cost him dearly, losing Napoli’s supporters’ love, which sang for him for years from San Paolo’s standings. Also, many neutral supporters haven’t loved this transfer, maybe for sympathy with Napoli’s supporters, maybe for the common dislike for Juventus. But the event which nss sports attended in Milan on Monday, proved once again that Pipita still has a lot of people who love him among the football addicted, even the little ones. 


At Corso Buenos Aires’ Nike Store, there has been a special meeting between Higuaín ad some lucky winners of the contest with Juventus’ striker. All this with the presentation of the new Nike’s shoes, the Hypervenom 3, also wore by Robert Lewandowski, Harry Kane and Edinson Cavani. Nss sports could witness exclusively this meeting in Milan, with the participation of a guest star - besides Pipita - the Milanese rapper Sfera Ebbasta, which worked as entertainer and mediator for the many questions addressed to the Argentinian striker.


After the Q&A session - when Higuaín said to estimate all his coaches and dream the Champions League with Juventus and the World Cup with Argentina - they moved on with the delivery of the Nike Hypervenom 3, which Pipita gave personally to each one of the lucky winners, signing them and saying come words to the boys. Here we had the most beautiful moment, when a 2 or 3 years-old boy received his Nike, raising tenderness to Higuaín and all presents, and giving a huge kiss on Argentinian’s cheek.


After the meeting at the Nike Store, Higuaín - and us - moved to Sports Center Bettinelli, where he met other boys, this time from the Nike Academy, where young footballers can train with coaches and professional athletes. In front of “Coach” Pipita’s eyes and wise advises, the young players trained especially on kicking the ball, a gesture which the Nike Hypervenom 3 aim all their technology on, to give maximum comfort and lethal precision during the kick. The ideal tool for whom wants to become the new Higuaín.


The Nike Hypervenom 3 have been completely revised and are capable of giving a perfect fit and optimal impact with the ball. Thanks to Flyknit upper technology, Hyper-Reactive sole and elastoplastic micro-pads, the Hypervenom 3 pledges maximum efficacy in ball control and kick, with a superb fit and, as always, captivating look. The new Nike Hypervenom 3 collection it’s available from January 30th. If you want to be successful like Gonzalo Higuaín, you know what you have to do.