Last night at Al Cortile Milan's community of football fans gathered once again to watch all together with the match of the Women's National Football team at the France World Cup. A unique event for the Italian women's football team, 7.3 million viewers watched the live stream TV match. Despite the loss against Brazil, the team headed by Sara Gama managed to reach the last 16 as the leader of its leg. The adventure of the Italian girls continues under the best auspices. 

Last night event saw moreover the presence of Madame, the rising star of the Italian rap scene, who made the crowd dance and have fun with her energic live performance. In the evocative garden where the event took place, it was also set a special photo exhibition of the best shots made for the Women Do Football project, portraits of girls who love football, protagonists of a new and unprecedented narration of this sport, finally told through the female perspective. Along with this, there were drinks & food for the guests who enjoyed a night of football and fun. 

Discover in our exclusive reportage what went down at the Women Do Football view party. 

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