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Apple offered its employees $180,000 not to switch to Meta

The "talent war" of Silicon Valley

Apple offered its employees $180,000 not to switch to Meta The talent war of Silicon Valley

According to Bloomberg, to fight the competition of Meta, Apple would have allocated bonuses to its top engineers as an incentive not to leave the company in favor of the giant of Mark Zuckerberg. Estimated between 50.000 and 180.000 dollars, the bonuses are part of a "talent war" initiated by Apple with other Silicon Valley companies and made even more urgent by the announcement of Meta. In recent months Zuckerberg's company has already hired 100 former Apple employees, while Tim Cook's company has not been able to do the same with Meta's talent.

The rivalry between the two companies has been going on for some time, but with the virtual reality race it seems to have escalated further. Both companies have some releases and upgrades on their agenda in the coming years, which is why Apple wants to avoid a "leak" to the competition. The bonuses allocated by Apple are in fact not part of the normal salary, but are instead part of a plan of Tim Cook's company to avoid a diaspora of talent towards other Silicon Valley companies in a key moment for the tech world as the approach towards the Metaverse.

While Meta has already announced its future plans, Apple has yet to raise the curtain on its idea to take the company to the new dimension of the Metaverse. Despite a substantial lack of news, we can expect some announcements to arrive as early as the next few months.