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10 things to do at home to fight boredom

A few tips to face in the best way possible the quarantine

10 things to do at home to fight boredom A few tips to face in the best way possible the quarantine

Like it or not, for the next few weeks we’ll be all forced to change our habits, no more cocktails, movie nights and events with free beers. Between a work call, a presentation to finish and an exam to prepare - it’s never too early to start studying - what we need are also a few healthy distractions to keep us sane and to not get caught up in fear and anxiety. 

Along with finishing the entire Netflix and Amazon Prime catalogues, below you can find a list of 10 entertaining and practical activities to do at home these days, to keep your credit card safe from relentless online shopping and to keep sanity and health.


#1 Work Out 

Don’t turn up your nose right away, it’s not like we have many options. With gyms and swimming pools locked down, we need to find a way to stay fit and keep working out. If you’re looking for a good training program Kayla Itnes is the trainer that best suits you, she even has specific workout plans to do at home. If, on the other hand, you really need a breath fresh air, prepare your AirPods and go for a run in your neighbourhood.

#2 Learn how to cook lasagne 

In general, the quarantine might be a great opportunity to improve your cooking skills, since you have much more time at your disposal. It might be time, therefore, to finally learn how to make the perfect lasagna, so that you’ll also have the perfect excuse to invite your relatives over once this situation will be over. 


#3 Create a small greenhouse at home

Okay, maybe greenhouse is a strong word, but looking after a few plants, water them and checking on them every day might be a passionate activity to carry out in a routine that might become dull. 

#4 Tidy/Redecorate your room

Do you know that weird feeling of being watched in your own home? Well, that's Marie Kondo who, despite her endless quiet and peace, would like to smash your head on the wall if you don't start tidying up your closet, putting back that jacket you've worn once last month but that has remained on the chair ever since. If what you need is shock therapy, try and watch one of those Architectural Digest videos in the houses of celebs and millionaires, I bet that afterwards hanging a picture on the wall doesn't seem that hard. 

#5 Finally learn how to use Photoshop is a fantastic website where you can spend hours, exactly what you need. Here you can find a great number of online free classes that range from Photoshop and the Adobe packet to digital illustrations, history of fonts, photography lessons and writing tips, basically, everything revolving around creativity in all its forms. 

#6 Clean your sneakers 

It's finally time, you have no more excuses. Arm yourself with patience, a sponge/a cloth and elbow grease. 

#7 Create new playlists on Spotify

We all have those 5 songs that we listen to every single day for a month, before getting annoyed and listen to something new. Maybe it might be time to listen to something completely new or trying and organizing all your songs in playlists sorted out depending on the mood and on the genre. Something that will keep you busy for at least an hour. 


#8 Turn your old hoodie in a pillow

That old and faded adidas hoodie that lies forgotten in your closet might turn into the perfect streetwear pillow to decorate your couch. Here you can discover how to step by step. 

#9 Fix your resume

Probably the activity you've been postponing the most, as boring as setting up your profile on LinkedIn. Do you have anything better to do though? 

#10 Take a few nudes 

Get a small head start in anticipation of all those sexting sessions that are upon us in the upcoming weeks. You have the advantage of having the chance to make the best of daylight and to try and shoot in different locations and with different backgrounds, turn it into a professional shooting. Suggesting a few porn movies seemed to me like giving a bottle of wine to an alcoholic, this is a good middle ground. 


Illustrations by Ilaria Colombo exclusively for nss magazine