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The 5 best swimming pools in Milan

Aka how to survive the heat of these days

The 5 best swimming pools in Milan Aka how to survive the heat of these days

"If there's no air conditioning I won't go."

This is probably the most repeated sentence of these hours in Milan, where the sizzling temperatures are really challenging us. We keep buying fresh bottles of water, we walk only under the shadow, we deceive ourselves that we would feel better under the trees of the city parks, but actually, we wouldn't want to leave the house for any reason in the world. 

Milan, though, besides shaded parks and the fountain in Gae Aulent, offers moreover a great selection of outdoor pools. So arm yourself with beach towels, flip flops and swimsuit and get ready to make a splash. 

We've selected for you the 5 best outdoor pools of Milan. Don't forget your inflatable avocado. 


Lido Di Milano

A real multifunctional space in the heart of the city inaugurated in 1932, that besides the pool features tennis courts, basket courts and football pitches. If you're really feeling sporty. 

Where: Piazzale Lorenzo Lotto, 15
Hour: Tuesday - Sunday h 10-19 (Monday closed)
Ticket: daily ticket €7, festive €8
More info here 


Piscina Giulio Romano

A huge pool designed in 1929 by architect Luigi Secchi that lies in a huge park. To stay fresh. 

Where: via Ampère, 20
Time: Monday - Sunday h 10 - 19 (Wednesday closed)
Ticket: daily ticket €7, festive €8
More info here


Centro Balneare Argelati

In the heart of Navigli there's this unique pool, born in 1962. The strong point of the building are the two big pools placed on different levels. A dip and then a drink in Darsena. 

Where: via Segantini, 6 
Time: Monday - Sunday h 10 - 19 (Tuesday closed)
Ticket: daily ticket €7, festive €8
More info here


Piscina Solari

A pool right in the historic centre of the city perfect to refresh after a long day at the office. 

Where: via Montevideo, 20
Time: Monday 7 - 22
         Tuesday 7 - 18.30
         Wednesday 7 - 22
         Thursday 7 - 18.30
         Friday closed 
         Saturday 10 - 19 
         Sunday 10 - 19
Ticket: €7
More info here 


Bagni Misteriosi 

The most glamorous pool of Milan lies in the area of Franco Parenti theatre, a refined and sophisticated newly renovated space with two different pools. 

Where: via Carlo Botta, 18
Time: Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday h 10 - 18
         Wednesday, Thursday h 10 - 22
         Tuesday closed 
Ticket: daily ticket €25, half day €15
More info here