The Instagram account Office Vibes is the social media version of The Secret of My Success, the famous 1987 film with Michael J. Fox, the story of the ladder of succes of a deliveryman pretending to be an established manager.

If you're too young to remember the movie, take landlines, desktops, cubicles, photocopiers, vending machines, shake everything with a large dose of kitsch and you will have a fairly accurate idea of ​​both the film and, above all, of Office Vibes. This unusual set of corporate design comes from the passion of a Barcelona based DJ for vintage relics and retro technology, convinced that the desk represents a sort of parallel life.

The interior space is overly cared for and cute, this virtual space is occupied only by an outmoded modernist and futuristic aesthetic, dominated by sharp lines and materials with an edgier look, such as metal and glass, bold and bright colors, graphic accents ... in short the elements that governed the interior design of most offices a few decades ago.

Choosing the worst or most representative image is difficult. We vote for the car-shaped desk or the cubicle covered with photos by Zac Efron. If you fell in love with Office Vibes, rejoice because the DJ managing the IG profile is starting a project dedicated to the 2018 offices.