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Marvely presents his new track "Mollami"

Along with an evocative visual

Marvely presents his new track Mollami Along with an evocative visual

Marvely's back. The DJ, producer and singer of Congolese origin is ready to accompany our summer with Mollami, his new single.

The track, recorded only using late 70's and early 80's hardware, mixes the Italian singer-songwriter with typical French Touch sounds with Jazz, funk guitars and bass reminiscent of a ballad Bossa Nova. The subject, as in the previous Rho Fiera, is love. Inspired by the difficulties of falling in love in Milan, the artist tells, with a sometimes ironic mood quoting the famous saying "out of sight, out of mind", the conclusion of a relationship from the perspective of those who decide to end the love story. 

Evocative as the lyrics is also the video of Mollami directed by Mysto Studio. The project, unveiled just a few days ago, accompanies Marvely's notes with images of a couple and their trip to the lake, from the initial moments when they are happy to be in this beautiful place just outside of Milan (in the Corsico area) to the unexpected final that, as in the Rho Fiera video, alternates scenes of the two lovers with elements of video animation.