It's really tricky to define Tauro Boys and their music.
They don't make trap and it is not correct to define them as rappers. They have an aesthetic that mixes elements from both streetwear and rock.

In other words, they are fresh and original. The trio composed by YANG PAVA, PRINCE, and MAXIMILIAN, has managed to bring to the Italian scene a new vapor aesthetic that remains coherent even while incomprehensible but complex lyrics that mix romantic, nostalgic feelings and obviously that of friendship.
The beats by Close Listen and the catchy punchlines that magically stick on your lips make Tauro Boys the currently most hyped on the Italian music scene.
The turning point was the release of TauroTape2, that marked the entrance into the mainstream music market with streaming hits like Marylin, 2004-2005 (featuring Tutti Fenomeni) and Dieci Ragazze.

We met them in the rehearsal room of the Mob Studios in Milan and they told us what it means to be a Tauro Boy.