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nss music date w/ Sorrowland

Welcome to the Sxrrxw-Land

nss music date w/ Sorrowland Welcome to the Sxrrxw-Land

A producer, an art director and a writer: three different souls, three talents that form Sorrowland (Sxrrxw-Land) a name that indicates a place, rather than a music collective.

The Roman group - composed by Osore, Gino Tremila and Giovanni Vipra - wants to move along the edge of new wave, expanding a contemporary aesthetic that is not limited to music but also explores visual art and fashion.
On October 19th, they released their first EP on Asian Fake, Buone Maniere per Giovani Predatori (Good Manners for Young Predators): experimental beats are mixed with lyrics that cleverly mix irony and conflicting feelings. The concept of the new album can be summarized in the literary figure of the Vampire: a bourgeois man or woman, good-looking and well mannered, mortally bored by the enormity of time spent among man, constantly looking for something that can tickle his attention, and that hides an absolute ferocity and inhumanity behind a facade of detachment and amused sarcasm.

nss magazine went into the Sxrrxw-Land at the ESPACE D'HOTES in Milan: here's what happen.