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Interview with eego

The founder of the electronic label doubledoubleu present WW006, his last project

Interview with eego The founder of the electronic label doubledoubleu present WW006, his last project

WW006 is the compilation-manifesto by doubledoubleu, label based in Milan, one of the few Italian discographic entities with a strong electonic vibe able to travel around different genres from Avant-Pop through experimentation, to world music.

We had the pleasure to interview its founder eego to ask him how was born doubledoubleu and to talk about the Italian electonic scene. Necessary steps to go through this collection of remixes and collaboration created during the first two year of the label.

Here the interview:


#1 Hi Antonio, or is better say eego. Who are you and what we should know more about eego? Where are you from and why you choose your artist name?

I’m suburbs south Italian guy that only in the last period is getting use to the flashing and international life of Milan. With my label I’m trying to mix those two parts. We can say that in the suburbs we create and in Milan we show.

My artist name is nothing more than a joke because I’m egocentric, but I’m always looking for new experiences, emotions, meet new people and to find new incentives, and this attitude help me to manage the label doubledoubleu (originally founded with Arua and Niko Cutugno, even if I’m the only one that carry the operative works).Arua for example is the author of the first two tracks of the compilation and a friend with I collaborate during the production and the live part. To continue with the people that help me with this new release I can’t forgot to name: Szlug, that’s from my hometown, Filoq and the uncountable collaboration, Grand River who I had the pleasure to play with 10 years ago and is still here with his voice, and was the person that made me know Vito, last but not least I have to name Federico Altamura, phonic and amazing friend.


#2 Let’s start with the ABC: is the producer that look for artists to collaborate with or the opposite?

I believe that in my job and in the music world things happen pushed by the destiny. Normally with the music that I listen, produce and distribute on WW, is like a relationship: we meet, we like each other and from that moment I feel that something will born. I discovered a lot of music going in different places, reading and listening Spotify. Experiences, relationships and hanging out with different people means a lot. Often I get a glass of wine with artists that I didn’t listened before that moment. 


#3 WW006 is the title of your 6 track’s compilation-manifesto. What this number mean and what do you want to comunicate?

Everything came randomly when we were working on our labels spring releases, the Filoq’s and the Veltune's EPs (I wouldn’t say that, they were secret).

I noticed that I had few things on my hard disk that where laying around from the first year and a half of our label. I found 6 tracks even really different but that represented a little frame of our history. In that moment the last published record by doubledoubleu had a catalog number of ww005, and I thought that the 6 could mean something so I decided to release this unplanned 6 track’s compilation and to call it with its catalog number, ww006. I swear it’s not a satanic thing.


#4 In your opinion, the Italian electronic music is competitive with that one that come from abroad?

The music is really competitive, what doesn’t work in Italy is the way people promote music. The problem is that often there’s a sort of nepotism, and even if I’m not against the ability to create a culture that pushes their own music, as has happened in Turin, where around a festival, few brands, few bars and few recording studios they created a scene, or what has happened with macao in Milan.

Most of the time in our world means much more who send the email not the tracks that are inside.


#5 As a DJ, there’s tracks that you will never stop to spin?

I performed as a DJ only few times in my life, more often I selected music so I’m going to say something that’s really far from club and trendy stuff, probably could sound a little bit banal but its a 20 years old track: Teardrop by Massive Attack. With the voice of Frasier (that I loved since when she was part of the Cocteau Twins) and with the production of them three. They are still my biggest inspiration for how they collaborate with guest singer, for how they were able to balance production and live performances, for how they were able to be avantgarde creating music with no time, and for how they put their face on political theme with no filters.

Yeah I want to conclude like that. My objective is the same, make and propose music with no time that will always transfer its cultural and social responsibility, that go against the creation of always more short term products for a schizophrenic market that risk to collapse trying to be faster.

And now let's list this compilation-manifesto!