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«Hacking as a form of furniture»: the Swedish House Mafia present their collaboration with IKEA

Essential total black for aspiring musicians and beyond

«Hacking as a form of furniture»: the Swedish House Mafia present their collaboration with IKEA Essential total black for aspiring musicians and beyond

It is an emotional journey that binds Swedish House Mafia, a house band with two Grammys and many other awards on its trophy case, to IKEA, the furniture giant that shares its country of origin with the supergroup: Sweden. An emotional bond was recounted by the band itself during our interview for the launch of OBEGRÄNSAD, the collection formed by several objects that inevitably refer to music and the possibility of pursuing one's passion even within the home. «There are so many furniture brands, but IKEA has always had a magic touch,» the group explained. «Simple and smart solutions, but at the same time also affordable. We thought about our fans, but also about those who want to start making music and maybe can't afford expensive furniture.» The collection, on sale from October 7 in a limited edition and from October 3 online, consists not only of classic furniture items, such as a desk or a floor lamp, but also a rug, a clock, and an armchair. All, and there are so many of them, united by a minimal and clean design, but above all by the choice of black, the predominant color that characterizes OBEGRÄNSAD.

«Look at us,» commented the band on their total black outfits. «It's a bold and mature color, and for us, it was an obvious choice as soon as we started pitching ideas to IKEA.» A color that in some ways represents the unifying point between the two parties involved, that often monochromatic simplicity that has always distinguished the Swedish brand. Among the most interesting objects in the collection is undoubtedly the record player, the result of the love for the physical medium represented by vinyl and born to create something that could reward fans. A challenge, as explained during the presentation, was born from the idea of being able to have a turntable that would be perfect for giving as a gift to a friend and that would represent the union between an affordable but at the same time performing product. Another characteristic element of OBEGRÄNSAD, however, is also the concept of "hacking," as explained by the band, which, especially in its initial phase, modified some IKEA furniture according to its needs.

Thus the FRAKTA bag in a totally black version changes shape, becoming a messenger bag or a trousse, while the KALLAX units become the perfect space to arrange one's vinyl collection. While the band remains open to a second collaboration with IKEA, the impression is that OBEGRÄNSAD could become a staple of modern furniture, a range of items as simple as they are cool that manage to go beyond their primary purpose - making music, becoming a must-have for anyone who feels like revamping their home.