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Five years have gone by since the first drop of Les Vêtements de Football, a short yet extensive period in which our relationship with football jerseys has radically changed. Jerseys have gone from the pitch to editorial photoshoots, fashion runways, and daily activities,  finding in fashion a position in which it can reconstruct a new discourse on the most iconic garment of The Beautiful Game. Through the great love story of soccer and fashion, Les Vêtements de Football continues to narrate a dream that is still alive today. The new chapter celebrates precisely this avant-garde and identity-driven spirit, where two icons of soccer and fashion meet at the turn of the decade: Djibril Cissé and Francesco Coco. In their own way, both of them helped build that relationship between the two worlds. At first extremely fragile and debated, today it is extraordinarily normalized and lucrative.


Cissé cleared the barriers of being a footballer-model by parading for big fashion brands before it was cool to do so and wearing clothes that broke the athlete taboo in the early 2000s. Francesco Coco, on the other hand, personified that all-Italian style that dominated the most beautiful Serie A ever by adding a blue twist to the Y2K aesthetic that is now powerfully back on the stage. These two editorial shoots mark an important anniversary in the history of Les Vêtements de Football, further defining an era where bootleg culture and the relationship between soccer and fashion reached their pinnacle. Taken with the jerseys they wore during their careers and representing the iconic colors of the most important clubs in Europe, the two footballers take us back in time on a journey to the roots of this fundamental encounter, continuing the love story that is Les Vêtements de Football.

“Now people are used to seeing players going to the Fashion Shows, shooting for magazines and collaborating with fashion brands. The only difference between now and before, now is normal, doesn’t shock anybody anymore.”




To celebrate the project's fifth anniversary, nss has created a photo book that tells all aspects of the love story under the title Les Vêtements de Football, LVDF 2017 - 2022. Through archival photographs and brand-new editorials, it shows how our relationship with football shirts has changed at a time when bootleg culture and the connection between football and fashion have reached their zenith. LVDF 2017-2022 will be available for pre-order in the nss shop starting December 5

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