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Hello to Beauty by Nikki DeRoest

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Hello to Beauty by Nikki DeRoest Beauty Blog

If you're a fan, or you follow various Youtube beauty channels and beauty blogs, the name Nikki DeRoest  may ring a bell. If not, here's a little introducing: Nikki is a makeup artist and hairdresser from Los Angeles, with ten years of career behind her, recently rebased in Milan.

Likewise many pros and common girls passionated about makeup and trends in general, she decided to exploit the web multiple resources to share her many secrets, tips, and spread her experience by opening a  Youtube channel, starting a blog, of course, with the help of social networks, in aim to create a big and connected community. From beauty tutorials to product reviews: skincare, makeup, hairstyle and catwalk beauty trends, nothing is left aside.

It's done with semplicity, to give everyone a handy and approachable access to beauty, showing we all can be enhanced with the right products. If you're really passionate, and fascinated by this profession and its background, Nikki offers you a “behind the scenes” of her work: photoshoots, fashion shows, celebrities, campaings and much more. Working between Milan and Los Angeles she creates an interesting sibling between Europe and United States, that allows to compare and keep updated with trends, but also having a global vison of the life of a makeup artist in between two continents.

Follow her in his new adventure Hello to Beauty!