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Kanye West's 10 most iconic outfits

From Margiela Mask to Rottweiler Shirt, Ye's story in fashion

Kanye West's 10 most iconic outfits From Margiela Mask to Rottweiler Shirt, Ye's story in fashion
Sure musician, producer too, but when we talk about Kanye West we also and above all talk about style, fashion and moments that have defined not only the aesthetics of Kanye himself, but of a good part of the fashion system first and then of streetwear. . From the origins with The College Dropout and Late Registration, through My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Yeezus to what we saw in the last few days in the rollout that anticipates Donda.

Iconic outfits and items that have contributed to consecrate Kanye's talent in the collective imagination, making him even more a 360 ° icon able to move from the catwalks of the Fashion Weeks to the sneaker game while always maintaining his attitude. To tell it we have collected the moments that have marked the relationship between Kanye and the world of fashion.

Pink Polo

At the beginning of 2004, Google searches for Ralph Lauren pink polo shirts increased exponentially compared to the previous year, creating a phenomenon as sudden as it is easy to understand. The credit, or the blame depending on your tastes in fashion, was of a still very young Kanye West who, thanks to the success achieved by The College Dropout, had managed to impose his iconic pink polo as a fashion staple for everyone those who wanted to approach the world of the rapper. In reality that was only the beginning of a long and lasting relationship of love and esteem between West and Ralph Lauren that culminated with the meeting between the two on February 19, 2015. If you want to look for the Pink Polo in Ye's texts you can find it in I Love Kanye, from The Life of Pablo, in the verse "I even had the pink polo, I thought I was Kanye".

Givenchy Rottweiler Shirt

Among the most famous items by Givenchy under Riccardo Tisci, part of the success of the 'Rottweiler' Shirt comes from Kanye West, one of the first to wear it shortly after its debut on the catwalk. After him the most disparate names, from Rihanna to Nicole Richie and Orlando Bloom, were immortalized around while wearing the tee. In the period following the release of Watch The Throne, Kanye's passion for the French brand contributed to the birth of the term "luxury rap" capable of making the boundary between hip-hop and luxury fashion even more subtle by opening the doors to a marriage became stronger and stronger over the years.

Margiela Mask

In 2013 Kanye and Maison Margiela joined forces to create a series of outfits for the Yeezus Tour. Among the items created by the French brand there was also the iconic mask, a revised and corrected version of the one already appeared during the brand's shows and here filled with crystals and other details. The inspiration for the Margiela Mask came from Kanye himself, who the year before had gone on stage with his face covered by a crystal mask also created by the French brand. Kanye has recently returned to his origins by returning to wear a series of face masks created, this time, by Pierre-Louis Auvray.

Céline Blouse by Phoebe Philo

Among the elements that contributed to making Kanye West's performance at Coachella iconic in 2011 there is undoubtedly also the Céline shirt from the SS11 collection by Phoebe Philo. Paired with a pair of Balmain jeans, the same shirt was worn seven years later by Travis Scott to once again remind us of the importance of West in and out of the world of music.

Versace x H&M Jacket

If you think fast fashion could stay off this list, you were wrong. On the occasion of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2011, Kanye showed up on stage at the show wearing a leopard-print jacket from the collaboration between Versace and the fast fashion giant, H&M. Obviously, as in these cases, the item became unobtainable, falling prey to the resell at the time confined only to the eBay pages.

 Ultraboost lover

When adidas was not doing very well it was Kanye who got her out of trouble thanks to her passion for Ultraboost. Thought to be a pair of running shoes, sneakers became a must-have for the community after Kanye wore them on the stage at the Billboard Music Awards in 2015, resulting in a real run to the last pair. Even today, after many years, the Ultraboost remain one of the top models of the German brand. Thanks Kanye!

Met Gala

The Met Gala was the scene of two key moments in Kanye West's aesthetics, only three years apart from each other but in many ways almost polar opposites. It was 2016 when the rapper showed up on the red carper with the now famous Balmain trucket jacket accompanied by a pair of Fear of God jeans and a pair of Saint Laurent ankle boots. The real icing on the cake, however, was the white contact lenses that made Kanye look like a cyborg. Time jump, three years later the fit is definitely less elaborate with a $60 Dickies jacket accompanied by a pair of pants from the same brand and a pair of Yeezy boots.

Workwear Lover

Not only luxuy, Kanye West's wardrobe also features workwear typical of American aesthetics. From Carhartt to Dickies, Kanye has never hidden his passion for working class brands that have become admired in the vintage and thrifting niche in recent years. The maximum expression of this passion was the video of Closed on Sunday, one of the singles that had accompanied the release of Jesus is King, in which West, accompanied by friends and relatives, wandered in the wastes of Wyoming surrounded by overall, beanie and hoodie in full workwear tradition. The same influences were already present in Yeezy Season 6, in which many items were taken directly from the vintage archives of Carhartt and other Made in US brands.

Royal Blue

The period is still the same, but the influence here is totally different. With the release of Jesus is King Kanye discovered his passion for the Royal Blue, the protagonist not only of the cover of the album but also of all the merch they drop after the release of the album. The meanings were many, not least those that linked it to Christianity. An iconic moment then, above all because that color then also appeared on many Yeezy releases (as well as on the first release of the Round Jacket with Gap) only a few years ago it was the color hated by Kanye himself. I hate being bipolar, it's awesome.

Donda Era

Kanye's return to Instagram a few days ago made people talk for a long list of reasons. In addition to the hype for Donda's release, West seems to have turned back to “luxury rap” with a fit that brings together Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent and Rick Owens in addition to the now inevitable face mask that recalls the Yeezus period. If the abundance of brands belonging to the Kering group has raised more than a few suspicions, during the listening party at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium Kanye presented himself with a totally different fit, combining unreleased items from Yeezy and his collaboration with Gap in a celebration of his favorite anime, Akira.