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Supreme has unveiled the collaboration withBen Davis for the FW19 collection

The NY skate brand meets the iconic workwear label

Supreme has unveiled the collaboration withBen Davis for the FW19 collection The NY skate brand meets the iconic workwear label

Over the last few seasons, workwear has become a recurring trend in the proposals of designers, both for men and women. Reiterated by all the major brands, from Vetements (remember the collaboration with DHL?) to Heron Preston, from Carhatt to Yeezy, from Calvin Klein to Louis Vuitton, boiler suits, dungarees, vests full of pockets, cargo pants and technical jackets are now must-have elements of our wardrobe.

It was inevitable, therefore, that even Supreme would explore this style and present its own collection. The company has, in fact, chosen to work with Ben Davis to create a series of pieces dedicated to the FW19 season. These are jackets, shirts, jeans, overalls and beanies, a tribute to American workwear in which each piece is characterized by color blocking, hickory stripes and co-branding.

Why has Supreme chosen Ben Davis for the new partnership? The legendary workwear brand founded by Ben Davis and his father, Simon, in 1935 in San Francisco, is known for its timeless and durable workwear. Popular during the 90s among the Chicano and youth culture "cholo", but also among the rappers of the West Coast as Beastie Boys or Ice Cube who mentions it in his song Ghetto Vet and wears his shirt in the Friday video. The brand has left a deep mark on the history of American fashion. 

Ben's grandfather, tailor Jacob Davis, worked with his textile supplier, Levi Strauss, to produce and patent riveted work trousers: the first blue jeans ever made. It is said that in the mid-nineteenth century Levi Strauss, owner of the homonymous company of fabrics, Levi Strauss & Co., was a street vendor and transported his goods in a wagon, selling to miners overalls made of canvas "de Nîmes", the future denim. At the same time, one day, a customer came into the shop of Jacob Davis, a tailor of Latvian origin, holding a pair of shabby trousers in her hand. Jacob had the brilliant idea of reinforcing the fabric with small rivets to better fix the pockets and make the garment more resistant. The man who was a supplier of fabrics to Levi Strauss talked to the collaborator about his invention. Thus was born on May 20, 1873, the patent for blue jeans, with the brand Davis and Levi Strauss & Company. 

The entire Supreme x Ben Davis collection will be available in the Supreme stores in New York, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, London, Paris and online on September 12, and in Japan on September, 14.