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Reebok is bringing back the OG Instapump Fury

The return of a revolution

Reebok is bringing back the OG Instapump Fury The return of a revolution

To celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of its first release, Reebok has decided to release a special version of the iconic Instapump Fury, with the original colorway and shape. The release is a limited series of just 1994 pairs and it has been dropped tonight.
The mind of the design is the legendary Steven Smith, a design veteran who worked on famous models like the New Balance 574, 997 and 1500, passing through adidas's Artillery and the Phantom 2, and even on the Air Max 2009 with Nike.
The Fury was initially born as a "showpiece" to group together all the technologies available to Reebok in a single shoe: the support of the Carbon arch, the sole with Hexalite technology and, more characterizing technology, the upper with integrated Pump.

The PUMP technology, which stands for Performance Under Maximum Pressure according to the ads of the time, represented the signature part of this iconic model. The PUMP tech had to hold the foot without other supporting structures being resistant and bubbly at same time. In 1994 as long as the the first definitive prototypes were submitted to the management, Reebook decided to produce the model giving straight away, the only changes were about the colorway: no bright colors but a more classic gray, as wanted the trend of the time for technical running shoes.
Fortunately, the Reebok management immediately realized that producing Fury in gray tones would have destroyed his great ability to be an eye catcher and immediately returned to the original color choice.

As soon as they were released the shoe had an unexpected success, which lasted for over 20 years. Steven Tyler, wore them during their performance at the 1994 MTV Music Awards, Bjork was a great enthusiast of the model as evidenced by various photos of the time. Unlike today, these stars bought the shoes in the store after seeing them and being bewitched by them. In the same year, they were crowned by Popular Science magazine as "Best of What's New" and were also exhibited inside the London Design Museum.

In 2000 the Fury captured Karl Lagerfeld who wanted an exclusive pair for Chanel and had him parade on the runway of the Spring Summer 2001 show, unfortunately, the collaboration he never saw the light officially but remained a gift for Friends & Family.

That of Chanel was not the only collaboration in which the Fury were protagonists, on several occasions they were reinterpreted by BAPE with its iconic Camouflage, and, on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary, there were 20 collaborations with the best sneaker stores in the world. In 2016 Vetements began the collaboration relationship with Reebok with just a couple Fury that looked like they had been drawn and scribbled with felt-tip pens.

As Paul Litchfield, the Reebok designer of the PUMP, said:

"If we put a Fury on a shelf in sight 50 people will say it's the coolest thing ever seen, 50 will say it's the ugliest thing ever seen, but 100 people will definitely have noticed."