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5 worst 90s/00s looks of Justin Timberlake

(Putting aside for a moment his actual hipster plaid shirts mania)

5 worst 90s/00s looks of Justin Timberlake  (Putting aside for a moment his actual hipster plaid shirts mania)

Justin Randall Timberlake, born in 1981, is one of the best products from the magical world that was the Hollywood of the 90s.

Angel's face destined to become a super star, it was enough to strictly follow the rigid ladder of the show biz's success to become a true icon: from the Mickey Mouse Club to the birth of his boyband 'N Sync, changing girlfriend between the most cool and desired girl of those years (Miss Britney Spears) to become one of America's most influential pop singers. Justin has always succeeded in his goals, accumulating millions of views on YouTube and applause for his performances at cinema.

The only section in which also Justin Timberlake is stumbled is the fashion. These were the debatable years between the end of the 90s and the beginning of the new century, women had pony tails and silver skirts while men looked like copies of copies of the Matrix actors. But not Justin. The man we are used to see in Levi's jackets and hipster shirts, in those years showed eccentric looks and pop colors. He dared and experimented especially when it came to being on the red carpet next to the Femme Fatale. Today, on her birthday, we want to emember all the mistakes of style made by JT in those years.


1. Orange is the new Black


The 'N Sync pose for Teen People wearing 5 embarrassing pop colors. The orange dolcevita breaks our hearts. Failed.  


2. Total Denim 

One of the most talked looks of the 2000s. It was 2001, it was the American Music Awards and they were the coolest couple in America. B & J have therefore decided to dress coordinated for the occasion. This choice guaranteed him two things: iconicity (then) and laughter (today). Fun Fact: in a recent interview with The Project Justin Timberlake remembering the old times with the former, abandoned himself to a comment on the stylistic choice of that 2001:

"If you wear denim on denim, everything remains registered".


3. Tie-dye

Okay the trend, okay the "young and straggler"mood, but this tie-dye shirt just makes a headache.


4. Velvet, why?

Very 80s. The idea would also be okay, the problem is that the angel face of good boy jars with this Eminem's look.


5. Curly hair 

The truth is only one, even if Justin has sometimes made mistakes in terms of fahsion, the real problem has always been only them: the hair. That mix of tight curls and gels did not give him any honor. If he then decide to pull them back partially with a band...