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Moncler Genius drops its Grenoble collection

Iconic mountain heritage gets a fresh twist

Moncler Genius drops its Grenoble collection Iconic mountain heritage gets a fresh twist

This year has seen Moncler’s ambitious and innovative Genius project unfold with 7 contemporary designers creating a capsule collection each for the project. nss has been closely following every step along the way since its inception in June which kicked off with a launch event to Florence where we interviewed its first designer, the legendary father of streetwear, Hiroshi Fujiwara. It was then the turn of Kei Ninomiya, Craig Green, 1952, Simone Rocha, Palm Angels, and most recently Pierpaolo Piccioli, many of whom we have interviewed and reviewed the events off. The time has now come for the last designer and second last collection, Grenoble, as the Genius project will wrap up its 2018 by returning to where it started with another collection from Fujiwara.


Moncler Genius will return next year with another round of collection, the details of which we'll reveal soon. Grenoble is one of the two in-house designed collection and perhaps its most iconic manifestation of Moncler’s mountaineering and skiing past. Designed by Sandro Mandrino who’s exquisite taste mixes playfulness and sophistication, injects a quirky mix ‘n match of energy while taking Moncler’s technical foundations to unexpected grounds. Mandrino has worked with patterns, prints, and fabrics which are considered a counterintuitive choice for mountain gear and given them a technical spin while keeping the sense of joyous elegance. The result is a cheerful collection for both men and women with an overall feeling of optimism with bright colorful paisleys, velvets in geometric patterns, with a fearless mix of flowers and stripes.


Check out the collection above which is available from November 2nd at Moncler online and Moncler flagship stores worldwide.