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Interview with Davide Perella

The man behind "sneakers to heels"

Interview with Davide Perella The man behind sneakers to heels

Last week in our ever ongoing quest to find you interesting things to look at, we came across the sneaker to heels hybrid creations of Davide Perella, instantly drawn to the use of hyped sneakers and well-executed finish of the designs we wanted to know more about the man behind the pictures. We hit him up, asked a few questions and you can see his answer below. We also took the opportunity in hand to ask for an exclusive and original creation just for nss, of one of our favorite sneakers at the moment, the Off-white x Converse Chuck Taylor’s

Check out our interview and the unveiling of Davide’s new creation below:

1) So for those who don't know you, please tell us a bit little about yourself?
I'm Davide, 27yo graphic designer and art director living in Milan, I love to make ironic design because fashion is still fun.
2) How did the idea to create high heels from sneakers, come about?
I started to think about this idea when dad sneakers became the season's thing, I decided to re-shape them into wife sneaker heels.
3) How do you choose which sneaker models to reshape?
I generally start with the most hyped sneakers of the moment and the best classics.
I have a passion for sneakers although I can't take my eyes off from women's sky heels collections.
4) Do you have a personal favorite, or one you think ended up surprisingly well?
My favorite design from the "sneakers to heels" is probably the Air Max 97 Silver Bullet, a bunch of people e-mailed me if they were on sale. Should I bring them to life?
nss: Yes do it :)
5) Which sneakers models are next on your to-do list?
 I want to do for sure the Air Jordan 1 Off White.
6) Whats next for you artistically? 
No spoilers. ;) Stay tuned on @davideperella for new upcoming projects.
The new nss exclusive Davide creation, the Off-white x Converse Chuck Taylor heel