Off-White has collaborated with Ikea, Ikea has collaborated with Byredo...what is the missing combo?

That's right: at Virgil Abloh it is not enough to become a colossus of the fashion system, it is not enough to have made the shoe of the year, not even enough to be landed in the world of furniture with Ikea. He needs to do more. And what is missing then? Conquer also the magical universe of fragrances.

In partnership with Byredo (from By redolent, fragment of a Shakespeare's sonnet), the Ben Gorham's luxury perfume brand, Off-White seems to be taking on a new adventure. What's in the preview? A pic posted by Sarah Andelman, ex Creative Director of colette, on Instagram. In the photo it is possible to admire a small minimal bottle of perfume characterized by the "label" touch typically Off-White. The beauty capsule would seem to include a hand cream and a spray deodorant, all wrapped in a "sneakers box" decorated with the typical brand's motifs.

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