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Brands of tomorrow - Ader Error

What you need to know about the creative collective that is revolutionizing South Korean fashion

Brands of tomorrow - Ader Error What you need to know about the creative collective that is revolutionizing South Korean fashion

For some time now the South Korea is gaining more and more attention for what concerns fashion. Emerging brands and a dynamic street style scene have launched, in a short time, Seoul under the spotlight of many international magazines and influencers from all over the world, helping the city to become one of the fascinating places for find the latest trends to follow. The only one thing that the Soth Korea was missing to impose itself definitively in the global market was a worthy representative brand - but not anymore.
Its name is Ader Error and it's a Seoul-based collective with many headquarters across the world like London, New York, and Paris. 


The brand was founded in 2014 when few Seoul-based friends decided to create some works by customizing old denim and clothes with illustrations, graphics, and a catchy design. The members of the collective, including students from Central Saint Martins, Fashion Institute of Technology, ESMOD, but also graphic designers, illustrators and marketers, started interacting with each others, looking for inspirations, developing new ideas, experimenting and mixing, since when five fashion designers reap the benefits of these discussions and turned the ideas into clothes.

"Here, we do it all together, from top to bottom, talking and talking until it develops. For us, it’s more about making what we love",

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explained Kevin, a spokesman of the brand, during an interview with And when people ask them the meaning of their name, the answer is as simple as a math operation:

"A: Aesthetic + D: Drawing + er", while “error” means the error, the imperfection from which they take inspiration.  

The Ader Error's style perfectly represents, for me, the new wave of brands which are revolutionizing the Korean fashion game: basic pieces and a palette of fraught colors mixed with maxi shapes and proportions, cartoon graphics and unexpected details. The materials used are various, from natural fabrics, like wool and cotton, to synthetic ones, mixed together to create a well-rounded wardrobe who ranges from the sporty-casual to girly clothes, always keeping an eye on clear lines and minimal design. This is Ader Error.

Just take a look at the last lookbook for its SS17 collection to understand how much this brand represents the new Seoul fashion perfectly. It's not a coincidence if many people have defined Ader Error as the Korean Vetements, because of its tendency in playing with unisex clothes, unexpected juxtapositions and overlappings, and the re-styling of basic pieces.
And, indeed, this is the strong point of the brand: as its members have confirmed with the slogan But Near Missed Things to assert their desire to dig up forgotten clothes or taken for granted, rework and give them a new life.

"There are things from our childhood that, when we look at them again as adults, we find they have new value. We’re returning to the clothes we wore when we were young – easy-to-wear, everyday items like sweatshirts and hoodies – but seeing them in a new way, and appreciating their design",  

explained Jeon, another member of the collective.

Un post condiviso da A D E R (@ader_error) in data:

The key to success is surely the direct, young and trendy style of which we were talking before, which has given a breath of fresh air to our inspirations. Not only this, for a long time we have kept our eyes on Seoul, trying to steal the stylistic secrets of a so far metropolis that Ader Error is able to drive closer thanks to its friendly and catchy aesthetic.

Another very important fact we have to consider is this: the social media. Thanks to a strong visual who makes the brand identifiable immediately and its discreet success in the street style, Ader Error has conquered more and more visibility online, in particular on Instagram. Even the members of the collective admit the importance of online communication that allows to create contacts and develope relations with customers across the world. And, having regard to their 289k followers on Instagram, they are doing it in the right way.