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Liza Ostanina

Paris, France



Paris, France


How are you living the quarantine: fears and dreams?

I feel very in peace, and honestly as a creative introvert I am more inspired than ever in isolation. I just wish there was no victims in this plot, I could’ve stay quarantined for few months easily. I feel like it’s very important to have your routine and stick to a bigger plan. Every person needs some time by themselves to realize where they are heading, what they love, who they surround themselves with and what are their big goals in life. Those moments alone are precious and sacred and I feel like everyone should take this time to evolve and become a better person so we can build a better world all together. I am not scared, I will hope for the best and stay positive.


Which is your soundtrack?

I been playing a lot of new Jay Electronica lately. Lots of Jay-Z, he keeps me on the hustle mode. I just ordered a DJ controller so I plan to start to mix some music as well, very excited for that. I play a lot of jazz too while painting and making my breakfast and Frank Ocean while writing.