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The Alternative

Baracuta's G4 Jacket, an iconic model from the equally iconic British brand, sits at the intersection of British sartorial heritage and Baracuta's signature approach to functionality. In fact, the G4 was born when the Miller brothers, creators of the brand, signed a jacket with a more relaxed silhouette, free of elastics and constraints. That's how the jacket that, today, is spread all over the world was born. With its soft, loose fit that doesn't constrain but follows the lines of the body, by the 1950s the G4 had already become an alternative to the smart jacket for young American college students, who sought for their looks: a middle ground between formality and comfort. The jacket soon became the representation of a new ideal lifestyle, where coolness was separated from the idea of social class. 

After experiencing success in America, by redefining the idea of masculine elegance and becoming a classic, the G4 returned to England as the new uniform of the Mod culture saw the jacket as the symbol of a new modern style. It was with the Mod culture that the multicultural scenes of jazz and ska knew the G4, turning it into a classic in the artistic and creative circles of the time. The G4 had become an essential garment for the new generations, a uniform of the English youth that was afterward adopted by punks who loaded its meaning with their own aspirations of freedom. Since then, in the '90s, the G4 remained classic clothing of the Britpop music scene and, later, of the macro-normcore movement that still sees in the historic jacket the expression of timeless classicism, resistant to the passing of trends.

Thanks to this unique heritage It is precisely this unique heritage of Baracuta's G4 Jacket, the project "The Alternative" was born - a wide-ranging project that gives voice to international communities, each of which represents a defined style and a clear affiliation that moves across the globeThe first to present its reinterpretation of the iconic jacket is the Tokyo-born platform, which chronicled the G4 aesthetic in Japanese culture. Following closely behind is one of the pioneers of the Instagram mood board movement, Alan Galloway from the American creative studio oldmanalan. Then there will be the British multimedia platform Original Shift that will bring the G4 back to the England of today. In Italy, nss will bring the jacket to the fashion subcultures of Milan, and, finally, the tour will end in France with the global media & community platform YARD which will tell the heritage of the jacket in the light of French streetwear culture.