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Interview with Andrea "FACE" Facelli

A new space, ideas, new projects and a future to be written

Interview with Andrea FACE Facelli A new space, ideas, new projects and a future to be written

Milan, among its streets, its chaos, hides an evolving reality, ready to become something bigger and bigger through the passion of its founder Andrea "FACE" Facelli.

Panic Room is a multifunctional space that deals with consulting, graphics, vintage and style research, for national and international brands. The partnerships with Nike, FUCT, Slam Jam, and Yoox are the order of the day and everything is developed in an environment that blends the love for art and streetwear, incorporated into a sophisticated studio that reminds the design of a 80's mechanical workshop.

Ideas, projects and a future to write with Andrea "Face" Facelli.


#1 Who is Andrea "FACE" Facelli and what should we know about him?

I actually don't like to talk about FACE, I am a very reserved person and I prefer to be my artistic aesthetic or my life to tell who I am. It is easier for "others", for better or worst, to give you information. 


#2 Which was the turning point in your life? When did you understand which was your way?

I don’t know exactly, even now my parents and I don’t know how to define the work I do. Probably because what I do in this period of my life can’t be defined as a standard job as much as a daily pleasure. 


#3 On Instagram you call yourself an "Aesthetic Terrorist", what does it mean?

Ever since I can remember, I have always liked to provoke everything and everyone, and this is reflected in my artworks along with the elements related to my person, as some traumatic experiences. Death, The Dark, The Obscure... this mixture of deadly ingredients affects the observer.

Roots of Evil - Andrea FACE Facelli

#4 Your works are characterized by different materials and a wide variety of techniques used. Is there a material or a technique that you prefer to work with and do you feel to represent you best? 

In this period, I use a lot of wax made by a centenarian Italian company that has an unparalleled yield. It adapts and it transforms itself in a unique way in each different artwork. I use images for collages since I was a child and the smell of an ancient book inside a vintage magazine is something I love.


#5 Panic Room has now a new headquarter, embellished with works by various artists of the contemporary art scene, why did you felt this desire for renewal?

I have been working professionally in Arte Antica Evoluta for seven years now and I needed a new studio to concentrate in.

#6 Art and streetwear are very linked in your work, as well as the sacred/profane dichotomy, how do you blend these realities and how do they influence your work?

 I collaborate only with people who have the same attunement on the way I conceive life and products, may them be art, clothing, video or any data with a superior aesthetic. That’s why we manage to merge the different elements.


#7 From Nike to Vlone, passing to Slam Jam and FUCT up to Yoox, your aesthetic lends itself to be adapted to various situations, what is the distinctive point that all your works have in common?

In the collaborative projects with the brands, I have proposed different designs in which my style mirrors that of the brands. Thanks to these synergies, various projects and products were born. Lately, I'm using programs to edit videos with different references related to my imaginary - in this case not suitable for a minor audience.

#8 What are your plans for the future? What should we expect from Andrea "Face" and his new space?

"There are two days when no creature or thing in the known universe can do nothing, it's yesterday and tomorrow", is a quote from the Dalai Lama.


portrait Virginia Arcaro
studio images Guido Borso